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Christine Phu from the Mongollon Rim

Marketing doesn’t have to suck. We care enough to do things better.

Blisters and Bliss is dedicated to the active, outdoors, travel, and lifestyle markets. We’re an online, multimedia platform for outdoor gear and adventures. We share content that’s all about inspiring, guiding, and supporting women in the outdoors. We’ve built Blisters & Bliss from the ground up into an awesome place. Yup, we have skills, and we can help you!

To send proposals, request a media kit or service, rates, or more info, please email partnerships [at] We’re open to ideas and always looking for weird and wonderful collaborations!

Connect & Reach Awesome People

Our readers are respectful, curious, intelligent, and open-minded women who loves the dirty and rough outdoors. Some are professional adventurers, storytellers and conservationists but most are career women, students, and moms. They’re awesome people and we’re committed to giving them the best experience through high-quality content. We care deeply about what we do and methodically produce honest content that will inspire or help our community. Quality content and experience will always come first. Because of this, we only partner with people that align with our values and who our readers can benefit from.

Below are some of the ways we can partner with you*. For more info, send us an email for a media kit.

  • Meaningful Ads
  • Sponsored Content
  • Social Media Posts
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Press Trips Package
  • Giveaways

*Per FTC regulations, all sponsored content will contain a disclosure.

Enhance & Build Your Brand

We’ve built Blisters & Bliss from the ground up. The WordPress theme install and customization, the design, the photography, the project management, the content…everything — all us (excluding content from our awesome contributors). We can help you with our creative, technical and administrative skills. We can help you reach your goal by turning your ideas into high-quality, completed projects. 

See below for some of the services we offer. For more info about a particular service and to send proposals, drop us an email!

  • Photography Licensing
  • Photography Assignments
  • Freelance Writing
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Content
  • Comprehensive Campaigns

Check out our work throughout the website or by posts here and here.

Let’s Get Started

If you care enough to do things better, we’d love to work together. Email us at partnerships [at] to send proposals or request media kit/rates.

We’re open to ideas and always looking for weird and wonderful collaborations!

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