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Where we share ideas, stories, and information about outdoor gear and adventures. It’s designed to help you choose trusted gear and go on awesome outdoor adventures. You can find stories that are relate-able and captivating. Real and raw. Practical and helpful. At Blisters & Bliss, you can learn to go camping for the first time, read stories that will help you overcome challenges, and find quality outdoor gear.

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Why We Built Blisters & Bliss

I didn’t grow up doing outdoor activities like camping and hiking. I didn’t grow up in a generation that empowered women. “You can’t do this, because you’re a girl”, was something I constantly heard growing up from family (most came from traditional Asian culture where a woman’s role is very traditionally defined) and society. When I experienced hiking for the first time at 17 years old, I started hearing “You shouldn’t go hiking…”, etc, etc. When I had enough money to start buying outdoor gear, I had trouble finding women’s gear that didn’t make me look like a penguin with 70s looking flower patterns (products are a lot better now for women than they were years ago). When I started reading reviews and stories, I had trouble finding a centralized location that had women-specific reviews and inspirations.

Blisters & Bliss was started because it’s exactly the sort of place we wanted to exist. How do we support women in the outdoors and women who wants to start participating in the outdoors? How do we help women find quality gear that fits and looks good? How do we participate in making women empowerment the norm for this generation and the future, and not just a trend? How do we create a leveled playing field in the outdoors gear industry for everyone?

We don’t know all the answers. But we know that each small step counts. We’re just getting started and hope that you give us a try.

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Maker of Blisters & Bliss. I write stories with photography, get dirty with hiking and camping, explore by traveling, and share experiences with design.


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