Run Mountains with the La Sportiva Bushido

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La Sportiva Bushido
Photography by Blisters & Bliss

I was introduced to La Sportiva trail runners with the Wildcats. Although the Wildcat 3.0 was comfortable with great traction, the stability and durability wasn’t up to par when compared to the Bushido. When I tried on The Bushido, it was love at first try-on. I’ve been happily running mountains with them for months now and can’t see myself letting them go. Maybe I’m blinded by love *shrugs.

So why do I like them so much? There are flaws as with any shoes, but in this case, the advantages outweighs the flaws for me.


The Bushido features an internal slip-on construction for a sock-like feel meaning they’ll hug your feet like an awesome cuddle. This slip-on construction can also help prevent blisters because of less room for friction. The tongue is soft and flexible so I can hardly tell it’s there while running.

Running on rocky trails is a breeze with the moderate cushioning the Bushido offers. You can still feel rocks through the sole but you’re protected from any actual punctures. This works well for me because I can feel the trail enough to be confident in my steps yet I’m still protected from pain of sharp rocks.

I’m a women’s 6.5 with narrow fit and these fit true to size. After miles of trail running and hiking downhill and uphill, they still fit well and I’ve had no issues with jammed toenails or bad blisters. I think I can honestly say that these were comfortable right out of the box. There was no need for me to ‘break’ them in.

La Sportiva Bushido


La Sportiva is known for their FriXion rubber, which is a custom rubber used in their climbing and hiking shoes. This rubber along with the lugs gives the Bushidos a lot of grip and stability. Even while running downhill on uneven ground, I felt confident and balanced with my steps. Because of the snug fit, I never felt my feet slipping or toes jamming into the toebox.

The wraparound lugs also helps with stability and skidding. The shoes are flexible enough for trail running yet supportive enough for tackling rocky trails. Although, if you’re looking for extreme flexibility than these are probably not for you.


  • Versatility. The Bushidos are great on all kinds of trails.
  • Design. Snug fit. Stability.
  • Moderate cushioning. However this can be a negative for people who likes more cushioning.
  • Sole provides great traction and durability.
  • The shoe laces stays knotted even without double knotting!
  • Not bulky.


  • The stitching became loose after a few months of hiking and running in desert terrain. This makes me question durability but keeping in mind that these are trail runners and made to be more lightweight.
  • The heel can feel a bit stiff. This isn’t a deal breaker for me.
  • If you’re used to super flexible shoes, these won’t work for you.

La Sportiva Bushido


The Bushido provides adequate protection, traction, stability and durability. It’s also a versatile shoe that I can use for trail running and long distance hiking. The traction provides enough stickiness to grip on boulders. Overall, I enjoy running and hiking in the Bushidos and definitely will consider them again when it’s time to get new shoes.

Photography by Blisters & Bliss

Do you have experience with La Sportiva shoes? Let us know what you think of them in the comments below!

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