Prevent Blisters with Anti-Blister Liners

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Photography by Blisters & Bliss

The anti-blister liners. I know, it totally contradicts our website name right? But I had to try them. Because even though blisters are okay when followed by bliss, I’d rather just have bliss without the blisters.

I was skeptical of these liners at first. Special fabric to prevent blisters? Hmmmm. I’ll just get better fitting socks and shoes! But even with the best fitting socks and shoes, you’ll still get blisters from a whole day of friction. So I tried them and was pleasantly surprised!

I tried them in two conditions. First, trail running on desert trails with old hiking shoes that are half a size too big; guaranteed blisters. And second, while skiing. Again, guaranteed blisters even with the best fitting boots. In both scenarios, I switched from wearing the liners to no liners to see if I’d still get blisters in the same scenario.

So in the first scenario after running on a ton of trails, I didn’t get blisters or any feelings of a blister coming. Whaat.

In the second scenario while skiing, no blisters! What. These really work! My skepticism is almost squashed. Keyword: almost. Because I think it’s healthy to have some skepticism towards anything. I have yet to try them on ultra-marathons.


You roll the anti-blister liners on first making sure to smooth out any wrinkles. The seams should be on the outside and the sticky coating is against your skin (this prevents friction). The heel seams should be neatly placed over your heels. For more details on how to put these on along with photos, head over to Armaskin’s website.

After you get the liners on, just put your regular socks on. It might feel too snug at first, but they’re actually comfortable! They didn’t bother me at all during trail running or skiing. The only concern I have is potential environment for athlete’s feet in hotter conditions. Although these liners are designed with fabric technology that repels moisture and bacteria static (according to their website) so you can wear these for long periods, I still have those concerns.


These liners provides an extra layer of skin between your feet and your shoes.  This means no liner wrinkles, direct friction, or damp socks due to sweat. If you’d like to find out more technical details of how they prevent blisters, check out ArmaSkin’s breakdown of what the liners are made of.


I’ve been testing these out for around five months now so I have a good idea of how they work for me and what scenarios I like to use them in. The best application for these in my opinion, is skiing or backpacking. Ski boots are notorious for giving me blisters. Every single time. With the anti-blisters liners, I got no blisters from skiing.

As I mentioned already, I’m still iffy about trying these in desert hiking where the temperature is 105 degrees and above. Who goes hiking in that sort of weather anyways?! ..Hikers from Phoenix, Arizona…they’re crazy..Anyways. I’m curious how they hold up during ultra-marathons so if you have experience running insanely long distances in these, I’d love to include your input in this article!

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