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Here, at Blisters and Bliss, we want to hear about your toughest adventures, your greatest challenges, and your favorite gear. We want to hear about that one time that you felt like giving up but didn’t. We want to be on the edge of our seats as we read about scary situations you’ve gotten yourselves out of. We want to laugh with you while reading your funniest stories. We want to be able to go on the same amazing adventure that you did. Most of all, we want to support you and share your stories to inspire, inform, and help our readers.

Whether someone is new to outdoor adventures, a seasoned pro, or somewhere in between; our mission is to have stories, tips, and reviews that will help and inspire all. Your contributions will help women go camping for the first time, overcome challenges, learn valuable lessons, find quality products, and so much more.

If it’s about the outdoors, the Blisters and Bliss community would love to see it. So are you up for it?

What is Blisters and Bliss?

Blisters and Bliss is an online, multimedia platform that inspires, guides, and supports women in the outdoors. Our stories are relate-able and captivating. Real and raw. Practical and helpful. We focus on high-quality images and writings so the reader can have the best experience.

Our readers are respectful, curious, intelligent, and open-minded women who loves the dirty and rough outdoors! Some are professional adventurers, storytellers and conservationists but most are career women, students, and moms. They’re awesome people!

Our Content Vision

Our vision is to have consistent, high quality work that aims to support, inform, and inspire people of every age, nationality and cultural background. Our content is women-focused but of course, everyone is welcomed!

There are no limitations on writing style, as long as the writing is immersive and engaging, although a sense of adventure should be at the heart of every Blisters and Bliss feature. We do ask that follow the tips below to help writing a compelling piece about your experience.

Submission Tips

– Focus. What’s the focus of your outdoor trip? Was there a single moment that you always tell your friends about? What were the highlights? Write about the specific moments of the trip that stood out to you.

– Details. Include vivid details about your trip. Describe what you were seeing, feeling, smelling, hearing, and tasting. Help us feel like we were with you alongside your trip.

– Avoid generalizations and include emotion. Avoid phrases such as, “It was amazing” or “It was so cool”. These type of phrases usually doesn’t do much to immerse the readers. Instead, write about what were you feeling when you experienced something. Draw from your experiences and observations.

– Word length and Photography. Submissions should be at least 500 words and preferably, accompanied by photography.

– Sound natural. Write the story as if you’re talking to a friend.

– Your experience. Your writing should draw from your personal experiences and observations.

What should I write about?

While we’d like to focus on outdoor gear, we’re open to anything about the great outdoors that would be useful to readers. Your writing should fall into one of the loosely defined categories below (if it doesn’t, let us know, we’re open minded!).

– Stories are focused on your personal experiences. Tell us about a trek you embarked on, your first time camping, or a trail running race you completed. Show us photos and share stories from your latest adventures! There’s a wide range of topics here so if you have an idea you think it would be awesome, let us know.

– Adventure Guides are write-ups of the logistics of a trip to help someone have the same awesome adventure you did. Help the viewer plan their trip with technical details including pack lists, route information, women-focused details, and anything else that you would want to know if you were planning a trip.

– Gear Reviews are in-depth, field-tested reviews that help women find quality gear! Tell us about your most reliable outdoor gear. The jacket that always has your back, the shoes that you always hike with, the ski goggles that never lets you down, and more!

– Skills are tips, tricks, and how-tos that you can pass down to our readers to help make their outdoor adventures better!

– Food are writings all about food in the outdoors! Because, we love food. So it deserves a category all for itself. Food. Enough said.

– Photo Essays are incredible collections of your outdoor trip. This includes 10 – 20 photos accompanied by a short story and captions for each photo.

What topics are we particularly interested in?

– Anything that is unique to women. Think periods, skincare, awesome outdoor gear for women. If you have a solution for challenges that women has to deal with in the outdoors, we would love to hear about it!

– Gear reviews or lists. Comprehensive gear reviews drawing from your personal experience. Packing lists. Pros and cons of your favorite gears. Tips on gear budget.

– Tips, tricks, and lists for first timers. This would be a big help to women who wants to get into an outdoor activity but don’t know where to start!

– Environmental conservation and sustainability. Thoughtful commentary on issues that affects the environment because anything that affects the environment, ultimately affects us all.

– Skills. Educational pieces that encourages skill building and knowledge.

Where can I send my story pitch?

You can send your pitch through the form here or email at contribute[at]blistersandbliss[dot]co

What happens after I send my pitch?

After sending your pitch, we’ll work with you to refine ideas so they will best appeal to our audience. Content published will usually go through several rounds of editing so please be open to feedback and edits.

Submissions should demonstrate your best ability and be fact-checked. We will work closely with you throughout the whole process to help you bring the best stories to the Blisters and Bliss community!

This process may take a few weeks due to the volume of contributions we get. We read every single one so if we take a few days to respond, we haven’t forgotten about you.

What happens once my story is published?

Your story will get added to the front page of Blisters and Bliss. We will then promote your article across our social platforms to help you build your following and reputation alongside Blisters and Bliss.

We encourage you to also promote your stories through your own platforms and engage with readers by responding to comments.

After my story is published, who owns it?

You retain all rights to your work. We will never lay claim on your creative properties. However, by submitting a guest post to Blisters & Bliss you indicate acceptance of our Submission Terms.

Do I get paid?

Blisters and Bliss is a labor of love so we’re looking for people who has the same desire as us to help shape the Blisters and Bliss community. As we grow, we hope that you stay on as an ongoing contributor!

Contributions are on a volunteer basis. Of course, attribution will always be given in the form of an author excerpt, link to your site, and possible promotions. As we grow, we’ll gain partnerships, assignments, and opportunities that we’ll pass on to you!

Photography Guidelines

Blisters and Bliss stories are designed so that the writing and photography complement each other. This allows readers to get more information and see awesome photos! Because of that, we focus on high quality photos to give readers the best experience.

Photos should be your own or sourced somewhere else with full permission for you to use it. If the photos are sourced from somewhere else, we’ll need proof that you have permission to use the images. We know this sounds strict, but we need to do this to avoid any future misunderstandings from the photographer.

If photos are in the Creative Commons, we’ll need the link. If you do choose to source photos through the Creative Commons, we highly recommend Unsplash, for free, high resolution photos.

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