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Blisters & Bliss is a place for bold, female adventurers who loves the dirty & rough outdoors. We’re here to provide you with honest information about outdoor gear and inspirations. We strive to inspire, guide, and support women in the outdoors. Although our content is women-focused, we welcome everyone! Just like the outdoors 🙂

Here, you can find stories that are relate-able and captivating. Real and raw. Practical and helpful. At Blisters & Bliss, you can learn to go camping for the first time, read stories that will help you overcome challenges, and find quality outdoor gear.

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Blister & Bliss was made out of frustration with a lack of places on the internet geared towards women in the outdoors. This was combined with the frustration of shopping for women’s gear. We found that most styles, designs, and colors were stereotypical female colors and patterns. C’mon outdoor industry, we like red-orange and dark blue also!

We started Blisters & Bliss because it’s exactly the sort of place we wanted to exist. A place that we can depend on to find quality gear that fits and looks good. A place where we can find women-specific information for women-specific situations. A resourceful and honest place for outdoor gear reviews, stories, tips and tricks.

Word is spreading, thanks to our awesome community telling their friends. We hope you’ll like what you see and tell your friends also.

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