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Blisters & Bliss was built out of respect....

- For strong females who has overcome traditional stereotypes of how a woman should behave. *eye roll right

- For modern women balancing career life with adventures.

- To make it easier to find women focused gear reviews.

- And to share outdoor inspirations and tips. (like getting your period on the trail!)

Through creating Blisters and Bliss, we’ve realized that there are TONS of badass females out there killing it in the outdoors and eager to support each other. We’re with you and can’t wait to show you what’s been brewing!

Share your biggest endeavors.

Here, at Blisters and Bliss, we want to hear about your toughest adventures, your greatest challenges, and your strangest stories. We want to hear about that one time that you felt like giving up but didn’t. We want to be on the edge of our seats as we read about scary situations you’ve gotten yourselves out of. We want to laugh with you while reading your funniest stories. We want to be able to go on the same amazing adventure that you did. Most of all, we want to support you and share your stories to inspire, inform, and help our readers.

If it’s about the outdoors, the Blisters and Bliss community would love to see it.
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